Wine Club

I run my wine club a little differently to most. Instead of getting winemakers and marketers in from the various farms I get trained up on the relevant wines by the winemakers themselves.  Then  I represent the farm, doing the tasting on their behalf to a group of individuals who host functions at their wine clubs, companies and private homes.  A kind of “wine-ware” party instead of a “tupperware” party if you like. The parties are all highly participatory and great fun, ranging from serious wine club groups to birthdays, book clubs or just an excuse to get a bunch of wine loving friends together through to corporate events and functions.

I have focused thus far on small, boutique style wineries, some of whom do not even have a tasting room, but whose wine I love and am eager to give my wine club members the opportunity to taste rare, incredible wines.

Whilst running with my “Featured Winery of the Month” which I change on a bi-monthly basis I:

  • Write a wine column for my blofg about the winery
  • Host private functions as well as corporate events on behalf of the featured winery. If the opportunity allows and the winery is keen I regularly run these events in Gauteng as well, otherwise it is limited to Western Cape.
  • I also put together a “Favourites 6-Pack” which offers a variety pack to suite all palates. I offer a white only, mixed, and reds only cases. This is made up solely of wines from my winery of the month and opens up the opportunity for people who are too far to attend or not able to get to a specific function to still order the wines which are then delivered to their door within 10 working days.

Whilst I only promote the specific “favourites” wines for the month on my newsletter all wines remain available for purchase at your convenience. You can make up your 6-pack order per winery as you choose.

Drop me an email if you are keen to join my Monthly Favourites Wine Club pack, for my price list if you are interested in placing an order, or if you are interested in hosting an event yourself