Cathryn Henderson, Publishing Editor of Wine Magazine

I would like put forward a statement of appreciation with regard to the services rendered from KGB Wine.

Wine magazine worked with Karen Glanfield who is the champion of this company. Karen joined us on a freelance basis, initially facilitating, organising, and managing the Wine Magazine Public Tastings in JHB, CT, and DBN over the past two years. During her time with us her knowledge and creative drive led to the acquisition of further services. Karen’s contacts and network were key
to helping us grow the feature series in the magazine “Under the Stairs” where she set up interviews with special contacts, and provided copy for editing into features for Wine Magazine. These features are highly revered.

Karen also edited the Wine Magazine MapBook 2010, dealing with a great number of detailed issues, and introducing some new concepts to produce a fantastic new Book.  She has also offered help on various tastings, as she has passed numerous judging
certifications. She runs her own very reputable tasting evenings and has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit.

Above all, it has been an absolute pleasure to have a relationship with KGB Wine – Karen Glanfield. She is one of the most astute, honourable, and insightful people to work with. I feel her tasting skills should be more widely used.

Dean Horton, Chief Financial Officer of Bakwena

I would like to thank you for the wine tasting and luncheon arranged during our visit to Cape Town for our September board meeting. Our directors, especially the four Spanish directors from Madrid, thoroughly enjoyed the wine cellar tour and overall the days outing.

The board requested I pass on their appreciation for the professionally arranged tour and the knowledge you had behind the Stellenbosch wine region and in particular, your wine knowledge and pairing. The food and wine pairing at the Bodega Restaurant at Dornier Estate was well received. The wine and chocolate pairing at Bilton was a favourite amongst the directors and a perfect way to end the tour.

The next time we’re in Cape Town, we will definitely contact you for another wine tour.

Janine Krook, Owner of Inspired2Explore

Inspired2Explore has been doing business with Karen Glanfield from KGB Wine since 2009. We have had very pleasant and professional dealings to date and have always been incredibly happy with the service provided by Karen. She has created personalised wine tours for many of my clients, all of whom have provided glowing feedback on Karen, her knowledge on wine, the wine industry and the Cape wine region.

KGB Wine has a fantastic reputation in the tourism industry and they never fail to impress. They have our full support and any further query for information about them is welcome.

Marion Edwards, California

My husband and I, along with our daughter and her friend, recently spent one week touring with Karen Glanfield of KGB Wine. Beginning with airport transfers, extending through Cape Town sightseeing, and finally finishing with a number of visits to the wine estates of Franschhoek, Wellington, and Stellenbosch, we felt we had the best experience possible. In fact, it exceeded our very high expectations. Karen is knowledgeable, personable, and very well connected with the wine estates in the area. We toured the wine estates with the owners and wine makers, we tried wines that had been bottled but not yet named, or, in some cases, not yet bottled! We had food and wine pairings that were exceptional. Karen created a schedule that included both established wine estates, and young and up and coming wine makers so we finished our time in the area having had an in depth experience. Her restaurant recommendations were uniformly excellent as well.
We are already planning our next trip to South Africa and Karen Glanfield will be, again, an important part of the plan!

Private Guest, Atlanta

Karen Glanfield is a local wine expert and a wine judge! And a very thoughtful and persuasive guide to South African wine and indeed to South Africa.  She was able to arrange experiences that are impossible to “buy” . I had the honor of tasting spectacular wines made by Cathy Marshall, the original “Garragist” wine maker, by Cathy Marshall herself! Her Eleven Barrels Pinot was a symphony! And at the almost unknown Gabrielskloof winery Karen arranged for a tour by the young wine maker. We descended into the cellars and tasted wines from the barrels and the various components! (the 2009 Five Arches is going to be spectacular!)
All through the tour Karen would revise and review the day ahead and modify the itinerary based on what she was learning of my palate and preferences. And I am so glad she did.
This constant fine tuning and individualized experience is what I am grateful for the most. Some of the things I did could not be done if I went with anyone else. At the end of a day we would taste between 35-50 wines. Yes the spittoon was vital. and we perfected the art of sniff, sip, spit. Repeat. It is the only way to still be sober and learn! Karen taught me about the intricacies of wine making, the effect of terroir, microclimate and matching the fruit to the land. And yes Karen, I was able to define SA wine in a glass!
At the end of five days I had a hands on crash course in SA wine appreciation with fantastic food, great outdoors and very intelligent company. If you really want to experience Wine in the best possible way and actually learn and be educated contact Karen.

Michael Coombs, Tokyo

Our day spent in the winelands was a great experience thanks to Karen’s insights, knowledge and expertise. She made good use of our time and was able to tailor the day to our specific preferences. Highly recommended. Michael Coombs, President & CEO, Coca-Cola Central Japan Co. Ltd.

Julie-ann Allard, Cayman Islands

My husband and I live in the Cayman Islands and love South African wine. Every time we come to South Africa Karen suggests and sources wines for us to buy. She knows what we like and the wines she recommends are incredible and not always something we would normally try ourselves. On our recent trip to SA she took us to a harvest festival in Franschhoek – what an amazing experience! Karen is so passionate about wine, you just can’t help but feel that passion too. She is more knowledgeable about some of the vineyards own wines than the person hosting the tasting. We are so impressed with her knowledge of wine and the region that we recommend her to all our friends that will be visiting Cape Town.

Denise Morton, Pretoria

We have found Karen to be exceptionally good with her recommendations with regards to both Red and White wines. Our experience has certainly been that every wine bought on her recommendation has been brilliant and there is always a bit of a disappointment when the last drop is enjoyed. Her indepth knowledge comes across very stongly with regards to the look of the wine (I am learning to tilt the glass and see the hues) as well as what it is best served with etc. In addition she is a very natural, warm person and does not push herself but just imparts her incredible knowledge of wines. We were fortunate to join her on group tours with visitors from foreign countries and her efficiency in arranging transport and all the logistics of a wine tour were handled in a pleasant manner with no glitches.

Jennifer Sakaguchi, Tokyo

Karen did an excellent job helping us make the most of our first, but short, visit to Cape Town.  She accommodated all of our requests, was very flexible in meeting our needs, and was just terrific company to have along the way.  As casual enjoyers of wine, we thoroughly enjoyed our first experience of the wine country under her careful tutelage, and Karen imparted great insights about South African wines and wine in general that enhanced our experience.  We look forward to touring with Karen again in the not-to-far future and in the meantime have a new appreciation for the SA wines we are able to get at home in Tokyo.

Michelle Stearns, Connecticut

Karen has a passion for wine like no other. That, combined with her joie de vivre and deep knowledge make her a wine professional worth seeking out. Karen’s wine tours are fun, informative and unique and I always find a new wine to love. I highly recommend Karen for a truly enjoyable and educational wine adventure.

Kathy Nitta, California

Karen,Thank you for showing us South Africa through your eyes and palate. Nothing is better for a Californian than to be taken to
fabulous boutique wineries. We had a fabulous time.

Susan Taber, Cayman Islands

My boyfriend and I had 3 days in Cape Town and spent 2 of those with Karen. She was so easy to deal with and was very efficient and timely with her responses and dealt with other tour/trip operators with ease – so that we had nothing to deal with or worry about! It was great to see the city, Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and the Cape with Karen – she knew the wineries and restaurants and other related events and activities. It was a wonderful, stress free and fun two days! We’d definitely recommend her services!

Judi Krumwiede, Chicago

We so enjoyed meeting you, Karen, and spending time in the wine region.You were wonderful to work with and so accommodating to our needs as you could tell we were far from wine connoisseurs!!  We really enjoyed all the wineries you took us to but I would have to say the highlight was going to Nabygelegen and meeting James.  That was so much fun!!  You really know your wines!!

Gwenda and Ernst Gouws, Ernst Gouws & Co Wines

Our trading with KGB Wine has been extremely positive. Characteristics of your company that definitely set you apart from other wine agents is your prompt business etiquette, your visibly well maintained management and the fact that you pay close attention to all administrative responsibilities and of course, your knowledge of wine and promoting skills.

I truly hope the future brings forth much more business between us and that we can build on our already well forged relationship.

James McKenzie, Nabygelegen

Karen and KGB Wine have been promoting wine for me with great passion, knowledge and professionalism. Not only is great care taken over the product but administratively and financially it’s been a dream.

Nicolene Heyns, Gabrielskloof

Karen Glanfield is a rare find. We met her first when she came to visit our Wine Estate, and knew we simply had to work with her – she’s driven by passion, fuelled by a very positive “can-do” attitude and has been amazing at ‘presenting’ our wines as if she were part of the winemaking process right from the start.

Teddy Hall, Teddy Hall Wines

Karen Glanfield is the ultimate selling machine, punting my brand at all times and is a big aid in my marketing.