About Us

My name is Karen Glanfield and I’d like to welcome you all to my website.  I hope to entice your interest , enhance your knowledge and build your passion for the world of wine!

I’m not entirely sure when my jump start out of the grid happened but I have been roaring around the racetrack of wine for many years now.  Every time I think I’m getting my taste-buds into cruise control my wine Garmin goes on the blink and I’m left marvelling at what a big world of wine there is out there!

Over a fairly lengthy period of time I became more and more interested in wines and managed to convert many non-wine drinkers into frequent participants☺ My folks used to call red wine “dak-verf” and gave me the most amazing collection of wines they had won and received as gifts over the years at various events when they down-scaled into their smaller town-house in 2003. I accepted their grimacing faces with glee as they handed over red wines that had been perfectly stored for up to 30 years!

I should have guessed when I received a hand-made 48 bottle wine rack from my friends for my 28th birthday that I was on a slippery road into a wine pond! And what amazing fun the journey has been!

I did my Introduction and Certificate wine courses through Cape Wine Academy in Johannesburg before moving down to Cape Town in 2004. When I left Johannesburg I received many tongue in cheek comments asking if “I was coming to work on a wine farm”, and lo and behold if I wasn’t doing exactly that within 2 years of my arrival in this gorgeous city.

Initially I worked for 2 years as an Account Director for Nielsen doing market research, and my biggest client was Distell. I was lucky enough to work across 11 liquor categories and really get to grips with the South African liquor market. Then, one winters’ day, I was sitting at my desk with a cuppa soup and paging through the newspaper when I came across an advert for a Sales Manager for Backsberg Estate Cellars. I promptly sent my CV – “Dear John, please find attached………….” and within a few weeks I was living my dream. Working for the first farm I had ever visited on my first wine tour many years prior!

I worked as the National Sales Manager for Backsberg for just over 2 years and absolutely immersed myself in every market, every experience, every client, every customer. My own personal growth and that of the business I believe is proof in itself of my passion and commitment to the industry.

In June 2008 I embarked on my most exciting venture to date, and that was the launch of my own business KGB Wine. My engine now purrs with contentment as my days are filled with Specialist Wine Tours, lecturing for Cape Wine Academy, writing articles for WINE Magazine, hosting of food and wine pairings at various venues across Cape Town, wine brand design and, most importantly, hosting a “boutique winery of the month” for my own KGB Wine Club – details of which are available on my Wine Club page.