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March 10th, 2015 by karen


Media Release

Wine can be very intimidating! 

Watching a 3-minute video on your phone or tablet, however, is really easy.

Many wine stewards starting out don’t necessarily have the wine knowledge that the wine industry imagines them to have.

These wine service professionals play a pivotal role in facilitating  positive wine experiences. The more knowledgeable wine waiters are, the easier it becomes for them to sell with confidence and the more likely guests are to enjoy their experience.

If you are starting your wine journey – or just curious – take a look at the NOSE YOUR WINE video series which have developed.

There are 12 videos in the first series – Basics of Wine (6 videos) and Service Tips (6 videos) – which really start at the very beginning.

Just visit and take a look!

Like them?

Tweet @winecoza #noseyourwine – and let them know what you think – or email

The structure of this first series of NOSE YOUR WINE videos is as follows:


  1. What is Wine?
  2. Varieties & Cultivars
  3. How is wine made?
  4. Types of Wine
  5. How to taste wine
  6. Matching wine with food (coming soon)


  1. Tools of the Trade
  2. Know your Wine list
  3. Serving a bottle of Still Wine
  4. Serving a bottle of Bubbly
  5. Serving wine at the table
  6. How to store wine


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