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March 24th, 2014 by karen

If you haven’t yet heard the exciting news, UnWined is back!

The re-launch of these Wine Appreciation courses kicked off with a bang in 2014! We sold out our maximum number of seats for all four courses which began in March through to October – all of which were run at the Vineyard Hotel.

Here is some feedback from guests and presenters:

“Just to thank you again for a most enjoyable first evening at the UnWined course. Great organization, a warm welcome and super presentations given by you and the Creation Guys. I so enjoyed the ‘informal’ approach, yet it was perfectly structured, most informative, entertaining and a very well-presented event. You conducted the show so well too by constantly being part of the event and by keeping things together and focusing on the core issues and sticking to times! Thank you so much for the refreshing approach to adding more insights into the wonderful world of wines/bubblies and I look forward to the next five learning experiences in the weeks ahead. Thanks too for organizing the meal afterwards – all good!” – Corine Sharp

“Wow, another super presentation last night –thank you so much! You sure know how to handpick only the best wine specialists for us!  It was so educational and enjoyable to listen to Pieter Badenhorst from Fleur du Cap (and to you, of course!). I so look forward to each lecture as there is so much to learn and to enjoy!”

“We really enjoyed the mix of marketing people from the first two wine farms and then Pieter as the wine maker… the more technical information was completely different to the first two weeks of broader info on the wines. We Like It All… Also, the fact that the first two were more introductory kind of info and then followed by the more technical info worked for me… kind of easing into the knitty gritty. With regards to venue, Binnehof is lovely and cosy.” Ursula van Huystein

Thank you for a fantastic course. It was a very pleasant journey that I will recommend to anybody that is interested in wine. I found the course very informative, yet full of fun with very little overlapping of information between the presenters.” Rudi Le Roux

“Thanks again for everything – Pieter (from Fleur du Cap) was brilliant and gave us plenty of interesting info. So far, I have found that I really like Semillon and Viognier, and also a good Chenin which is surprising for a red wine guy!” Gary van der Walt

“Thank you very much for the stunning event. Was very proud to tell my tourists  some interesting wine information, which I had picked up from you course :)” Olga McIntyre

“These past six weeks have been incredibly fun, Karen. Thank you so much – your passion for the grape is infectious and this has just inspired me to want to learn even more about wine and its makers. The more boutique wineries stole my heart and I loved being exposed to wines I’d never encountered before. We will be back for more.” Claire Shortt

“Such a lovely experience and learned a lot! Got to taste a lot of wines I had never before. Didn’t enjoy all of them but they demonstrated the varieties and their quirks and differences really well, which is the point! Met awesome people and believe it is exceptionally good value for money.” Catherine Murray

“I really enjoyed our 6 week journey! Thanks so much for such an informative and interesting course. All of the wines have been delish! What I enjoyed the most is to discover how different the same variety can be. I will definitely be recommending!” Jessica McNeill

“On behalf of myself and Corlea, many thanks to you for giving us an opportunity to represent our wines at your course. I personally wish I could have attended all your courses. Also, thank you that we could have joining the group for dinner – was wonderful!” Carla Bosman

“Thanks for inviting us, we have already had bookings to visit the farm (Creation), this weekend!” – Carolyn Martin

If you are interested in more information or would like to book your attendance please send a mail to karen@kgbwine.co.za

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