KGB Wine Club – Gabrielskloof April 2011

April 21st, 2011 by karen

My hubby and I took ourselves off to explore the wines of the Overberg for a weekend in November and stopped off at the relatively new kid on the block, Gabrielskloof, in Bot River,  for lunch on the Saturday.  We were thoroughly impressed with the wines, as well as the food, the views and the friendly staff – the kind of farm that ticked all our boxes.  Needless to say I was really excited to get a call from Nicolene Heyns the following week saying she would like to get involved in the wine club!

Gabrielsfkloof Wine Estate

We finally pulled our timing together for me to host their estate for April and May.  Nicolene invited us back to the farm where we met her dad, and proud owner since 2001, Bernhard Heyns.  We spent the first couple of hours with “the man behind the vision”, viticulturist and General Manager Barry Anderson.  He kindly took us on an adventure across the estate, covering almost every pillar and post (or should I say vine and rock),  passing on stories of the development of each block as well as exciting plans for the future. “We’ve carefully planned our vineyards and selected the vines to match the terroir – concentrating on producing a tight range. Fortunately we have such a choice of terroir that we can find a spot for even the most demanding of varietals.” Gabriëlskloof vineyards are isolated and protected from contamination, making them disease and virus-free.  “The valley’s dry climate ensures that the grapes achieve a lovely fruity intensity. It also keeps our yields down, again making sure each grape we pick pulls its weight in the wine-making process.”

From there we went into the very modern cellar where Kobie Viljoen, the winemaker, was quick to tell us they still handle the grapes with all the care of traditional wine-making methods. Kobie believes in making good, honest wines that offer amazing value. You’ll find no oak chips or staves in his cellar, only small oak barrels that gently age the wines.

Barry & Kobie enjoying the fruits of their labour

We shared a wonderful meal on the farm with Nicolene, Kobie, their partners, their amazing wines and even got “lapped up” by the dogs 🙂 This was followed by a nights rest in the shepherds cottage – gotta love farm living!!

Sunset with new friends

I have hosted a few KGB Wine Club tastings for them in Cape Town so far and fly up in May to do some tastings in Gauteng.

Gabrielskloof tasting in progress

KGB Wine Club / Gabrielskloof function - Cape Town

The tastings have been well attended by members as well as the “twitterati”, with amazing feedback across the board on their wines.  Their crisp, complex Magdalena, blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon is my personal favourite, which unfortunately is just about sold out till their new vintage release in November.  Guest favourites were pretty much split between their exceptionally good value for money Shiraz & The Blend.  They have also released, for the first time, two premium reds, that Kobie is rightfully proud of.  The first is their Five Arches, a classic Bordeaux blend which is layered, elegant, and a firm structure, whilst their second is a Syrah offering richness of flavour evident in the mid-palate with the berries and pepper you expect from a Syrah along with a lingering, well balanced finish.  Both of these wines, understandably, can benefit from 5 to 8 years ageing but what ever you do, make sure you secure a few bottles for your wine rack!

Magdalena in all her beauty

Recently they have also started making olive oil from the trees on the farm, which they currently sell from their deli with anticipation to grow this product in the coming years

New venture - olive oil


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