Kathy Raath Promotions Winelands Trade Show

April 20th, 2011 by karen

KRP Winelands Invite

Kathy and Dane from Kathy Raath Promotions (KRP) hosted their first ever Winelands Trade Show in April and there is no doubt what a resounding success it turned out to be.  Raphael from Dornier was happy to allow them use of the beautiful and historic Manor House and the event was catered for by Bodega Restaurant on the estate.

Along with a large communal area with tables for customers to walk around and taste the delights of the various estates they also offered a unique feature at this show.  This entailed 30 minute time slots which were allocated to each of the clients that KRP represent in Western Cape.  Each estate showcased a specific theme:

Tasting Themes

Each 30 minute slot, which varied from Understanding MCC by Teddy Hall to various vertical tastings and even an Artisinal Beer Tasting by Brewers & Union, were limited to 6 or 8 guests and hosted in a casual lounge or boardroom environment.  This allowed for focused tastings on specific topics, attended by guests with specific interest in that topic and allowed one on one interaction with the individual winemakers.

Riana Hall & Adele Swart - Rudera - hosting vertical Robusto Chenin Blanc tasting

Simon Wibberley - Brewers & Union - hosting Artisinal Beer Tasting

Guests and winemakers alike are eagerly awaiting the next one

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