Saltare & Smulpaap Food and Wine Pairing

August 17th, 2010 by karen

I came across the talented winemaker, Carla Pauw, when I first tasted some wines she had made for Crios Bride about 18 months ago.  I was then lucky enough to not only bump into her, but get to taste her amazing MCC at the V & A Waterfront a couple of months ago and so my love affair with Saltare began!

Carla Pauw

Saltare MCC - Nectar from the Gods

Carla was kind enough to invite my hubby and myself to a food and wine pairing at Smulpaap in Stellenbosch last Wednesday.  The evening was a glowing success.  Not only were they sold out for the tasting within a day but their second one, planned for Wednesday 25th Aug, has also received such a good response that they are considering hosting a third one in September. Smulpaap stands for “gourmand, belly God, someone who loves eating” and what better place to indulge the taste buds across five delectable pairings! (

Carla began her venture in 2003 driven by her passion for Method Cap Classique and thus it was fitting for us to start the evening with her MCC Brut NV paired with New York Blueberries and Lemon rind.  This pairing complemented the fresh peaches on the palate but did not overwhelm the long, creamy finish of the Brut.  The second pairing was an even better one, if that is possible!  Saltare MCC Brut 2007 with hints of fresh lemon-grass, thyme and elderflower on the nose paired with Calcutta Brinjal, Yoghurt and Coriander.  The “beauty in the middle” was the delicate Saltare Chenin Blanc 2009 combining dried apricot, fresh peaches, hints of lanolin and refreshing minerality paired with a creamy Malay Chicken Curry and Clementine zest.  My personal favourite of Carla’s red wine offerings is her Syrah 2006.  Having been decanted the complex layers of rich mulberries, cherries, marzipan, white pepper and spices all made a glowing appearance and were paired with a Chourizo, Butter Bean and Smoked Paprika soup.  We got to try her aromatic Bordeaux blend, Specialis 2006, with not one but two food offerings – a Portobello Franschhoek White with Nagtegaal Berry Jam as well as cocoa dusted chocolate truffles – yum, yum yum!

Perfect pairing

The evening was a fabulous success.  It was ended off with a lucky draw (not my lucky night), a lovely dinner provided by Smulpaap and the opportunity to buy the range of Saltare wines at discounted prices.  I will certainly be hosting Carla’s wines for my KGB Wine Club before the end of the year – I’ll keep you posted!

In the mean time, if you would like the opportunity to try the wines for yourself, here is where you can find Carla over the next couple of weeks:

Wednesday 17 August: Caroline’s White Wine & Cap Classique Review (more information)

Wednesday 25 August: Smulpaap Food & Wine Pairing [repeat and possible third event in September] (click here for original invitation)

Friday 27 August: “Cup Cake & Cap Classique” with Cognito and Bites&Sites (details to follow)

Saturday 28 August: Dorp Street MCC & Champagne Festival (more information)

Wednesday 1 September: Deli Su Casa (Johannesburg) Food & Wine Pairing (pass it on to your Gauteng friends!)

Tuesday 2 September: Roots Restaurant at Forum Homini (Johannesburg) Food & Wine Pairing
For more information on any of these events please contact Carla on 083 280 2557 or

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